Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Software Removal

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) faults can cause the engine management light to come on & the vehicle to go into limp mode, very annoying & inconvenient. Also expensive, a replacement DPF can cost in excess of £1500 !     
You may have removed your DPF & the sensor is causing errors on your ECU making the engine warning light come on.
We can fix your DPF problem for good. By remapping & disabling the DPF in the ECU, these faults will never re-occur.
You may want your DPF removed for other reasons, it can restrict the flow through your exhaust reducing performance & MPG, so removing the DPF can reduce your diesel costs.
We are now able to offer DPF removal for Bosch EDC15, EDC16 and EDC17 ECU`s as well as Siemens SID & PPD ECU`s. The DPF will need to be removed and either refitted empty or replaced with a DPF removal pipe.
DPF removal is available as software only or as a full Filter and Software service (Not Mobile). 
This allows us to obtain more power for customers wishing to get the absolute best from their vehicle.
We remove DPF errors on many cars & vans, please contact us to confirm the availability for your vehicle.
In most cases the cost for DPF removal is the same as a remap and the vehicle can usually be tuned  if required for little extra or no extra cost. 

Note: We disable the DPF in your vehicle's ECU & clear errors, you will then need to have the particulate filter itself removed.
Normally this is a simply a case of cutting out and replacing with a straight pipe* and generally costs £75 to £150 at an exhaust fitting centre or local garage. 
*Due to new MOT testing rules we recommend that the filter is removed and the filter box is put back on the vehicle. The new MOT rules mean that a missing filter (straight through pipe) will fail the MOT.

Please call us on 07720 681670 for a price if you require the full DPF service, we have contacts with local garages that can remove the filter for you. 

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