DPF removal, replacement or cleaning?

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Why is your DPF Blocked?
The diesel particulate filter (DPF) was introduced to trap the particulate matter (soot) produced by diesel engines. As the soot builds up in the DPF the ECU puts the vehicle into a process called regeneration mode. This burns the soot in the DPF & converts it into ash which stays in the filter.
If everything is working as it should the process will happen many times & the DPF will give a long & trouble free life, for 100,000+ miles.
Unfortunately there are factors which can & will interfere with the regeneration process.
A split boost pipe or intercooler, for example, will cause a situation where the engine is not getting the amount of air needed for the supplied fuel so the mixture becomes rich & causes thick black smoke to overwhelm the DPF.
Worn Injectors will cause the same as will a faulty or dirty EGR valve.
If you constantly run you vehicle low on fuel (less than 1/4 full) the ECU will not attempt a regeneration as it can see that there may not be enough fuel to complete the full cleaning cycle.
The ECU will not attempt a regeneration if there are any faults stored, check engine light on, or even worse - in limp mode. Even faulty glow plugs can stop the regeneration happening.
Lack of regular oil changes, low quality oil, wrong oil grade, low quality fuel, too much oil in the engine - all have an adverse effect on the DPF.
Ignoring the DPF light & continuing to drive slowly around town will eventually block the filter & put the car in limp home mode. Carry on driving & the diesel particulate filter will get so blocked that the engine can't get the gasses out and won't even start!
What to do?
With the high cost of DPF replacement & the legal implications of DPF removal we are recommending that customers have their DPF's cleaned by specialist DPF cleaning companies. Aftermarket replacement DPF's are generally not fit for purpose. If fitting a new DPF it must be a genuine one. Whichever route you go down the problem(s) that caused the DPF need to be fixed also, it may be that you just need a little advice on how to prevent it happening in the future, or there may be a pressure or temperature sensor that will need replacing. A properly cleaned DPF along with the necessary repairs to the system will put the filter back to almost new (98%) and keep your car legal and smoke free.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

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