Been Offered a Really Cheap Remap ?

Frequently Asked Questions
Cheap Remaps
In most cases our remaps are totally undetectable so they will not affect your warranty in any way.
Every single map that we install is unique to the vehicle that it is uploaded to.
Because of our experience at EcoPower we only ever tune your original file, we never use generic files.
This way any updates & bug-fixes that may have previously been applied by your main dealer are kept intact.
With cheap remaps from other tuning companies you are likely to get a generic map that is the same for all engines of the same type, often with the immobiliser disabled.
These map files are quite easily detectable by the main dealer & will certainly affect vehicle warranties.
A company offering cheap remaps will most likely be using cheap Chinese cloned tools to read & write the ECU maps, very dangerous.
If anything goes wrong in the writing process you end up with a broken ECU, a big repair bill, & a vehicle that's off the road.
We only use the best quality, reliable tools, high quality, expensive tools with the right software, made for the job.
We wouldn't dare risk using anything less on our customers pride & joy !

Been Offered a Really Cheap Remap ? EcoPower Remap Testimonial

Our Mobile tuning service covers most parts of Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire. We remap & tune car & van ECU's in Barnsley, Brigg, Castleford, Chesterfield, Doncaster, Gainsborough, Goole, Howden, Leeds, Mansfield, Pontefract, Retford, Rotherham, Scunthorpe, Selby, Sheffield & Surrounding areas within 40 miles of Doncaster. EcoPower Remaps ECU tuning can drastically increase your cars performance & improve fuel economy. We specialise in remapping ECU's on diesel turbo powered vehicles using Intune & Quantum tuning files, the best ECU tuning files in the UK. EcoPower Remaps are not affiliated with any of the vehicle manufacturers on this website, images are logos are shown for illustration purposes only.