Should I Have Economy or Performance Tune ?

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The style of Remapping is always the customer's choice, but here are some facts to help you make the right decision:

Economy Remapping
These days with rising fuel prices we are all looking towards cutting our fuel expenditure.
The Eco Remap is geared towards economical driving & will help you do just that.
The fuel tables & pump timing will be very finely tuned & optimised, giving you the same power for less fuel.
As a side effect this in turn will also give the vehicle a little more power. As a general guide the power gain you would get from an Economy Remap would be equal to approx a half that of a Performance Remap.
However, using the extra available power will not give the desired fuel savings. To get the best from your remap we advise that an economical driving style should be adopted.
We also recommend high quality fuels, although more expensive they actually do burn more efficiently & can make the vehicle run smoother & increase the miles per gallon.
The Economy Remap works the best on diesel turbo powered vehicles (10-15%), for petrol turbo powered vehicles we only offer a performance remap. We do not tune naturally aspirated petrol vehicles.
Performance Remapping
Our most popular engine tune, the Performance Remap, is the right choice for the more demanding driver.
If you are a driver that likes to feel the power you'll get the same power from less throttle with the remap.
This is where you save on fuel, you could be driving in the same way as before but using less throttle, less stress & less fuel.
Push the engine further & the extra power is there for you, unless you're pushing the ENGINE very hard the fuel economy will be very similar to before the remap.
Pulling a caravan, driving a motor-home, towing a trailer, these all have the effect of making your vehicle under powered for the job, & using more fuel as a consequence.
A Performance remap will typically give 30-40% increase in horsepower for a turbo diesel & 20-30% increase for a turbo petrol vehicle.
Fuel savings are generally about a half of the equivalent eco remap, dependent on driving style.

Should I Have Economy or Performance Tune ? EcoPower Remap Testimonial

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