Mercedes A Class CDI Custom Mobile ECU Remap

Mercedes A Class CDI Custom Mobile ECU Remap

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Tuning data for a performance remap, suitable for a factory standard Mercedes A Class or with minor modifications such as induction kits & performance exhausts. Please contact us for more details.
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Mercedes A Class -2004
Mercedes A 160 CDI 60
60 BHP
89 BHP
160 NM
203 NM
Mercedes A 160 CDI 75
75 BHP
101 BHP
160 NM
210 NM
Mercedes A 170 CDI 90
90 BHP
112 BHP
180 NM
238 NM
Mercedes A 170 CDI 95
95 BHP
123 BHP
180 NM
245 NM
Mercedes A Class 2004+
Mercedes A 160 CDI 82
82 BHP
107 BHP
180 NM
230 NM
Mercedes A 180 CDI 109
109 BHP
139 BHP
250 NM
300 NM
Mercedes A 200 CDI 140
140 BHP
170 BHP
300 NM
350 NM
Mercedes A 200 T 193
193 BHP
228 BHP
280 NM
343 NM

ECUs ★ Bosch

You can have your Mercedes A Class professionally remapped at a time & location to suit you.
Our Power optimised ECU remap can boost BHP & torque by up to 35% (turbo diesels) & still give a noticeable fuel saving.
Or go for the fuel efficient Eco remap & save up to 15% on your fuel costs while having a more modest increase in performance.
The Benefits of our Professional ECU Remaps
★ Increased Horsepower
★ Increased Torque
★ Sharper Throttle Response
★ Faster Acceleration
★ Smoother Power Delivery
★ Eliminated Flat Spots
★ Improved Fuel Economy
★ Safer Overtaking
Please check the performance data above for available engines
The improvements are achieved by very careful matching of engine management parameters such as fuel delivery rates, boost pressure (turbocharged cars), spark ignition timing (petrol cars), pump timing (diesel cars) along with adjustments to various maps that electronically control your torque, throttle response & top speed. This information in your ECU calibration file is carefully optimised & then programmed back into your cars ECU. The car is then fully tested before allowing you to enjoy the increased efficiency & power output of your engine.
★ Please Note ★ The price quoted on our site is for a mobile remap via the OBD port & includes travelling up to 40 miles from here in Doncaster. Tricore ECU remaps, chip soldering, ECU bench flashing & extra mileage can be catered for at extra cost.


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